Stop guessing, ask employees.

Anyone’s opinion might provoke a positive change in the organization.

Workforce View Survey

You are a CEO/ Manager of a company. You manage people from different a department who do their job reasonably well; they do the work according to expectation – some better, others worse… and that’s all! You hire new people – they start with great enthusiasm but just when they have learned how to do the job, they get into work routine and their enthusiasm vanishes.

You ask yourself

Is it because of the people or there is something else that is going on leading to personal commitment decrease?


Is there something wrong in the organizational culture which causes these consequences?


What can be done?

Sounds familiar? This is a common scenario in many organizations… maybe not in yours… but should you take measures only after things have happened?

Why we need an Employee Opinion Survey?

Often an essential component of organizational training and development, Employee Opinion surveys provide a picture of your organization's needs. These surveys can be used to solicit employee opinions on a variety of issues such as the company's success in communicating its mission to employees, or local issues such as quality of the working environment.

The results of this type of feedback process provide an understanding of how the employee perceives the organization along different dimensions. 

This feedback:

  • Is essential to facilitating development and organizational change
  • Allows the organization to focus on needs and leverage its strengths
  • Informs the organization on which actions will create problems for the employees
  • Provides management with employee feedback (both positive and negative) on the internal health of the organization
  • Measures the impact of current programs, policies and procedures
  • Can be used to motivate employees and improve job satisfaction

What is Workforce View Survey?

Workforce View is an online tool designed to examine the attitudes and opinions of all employees in the company, related to the organizational life and the corporate culture

Workforce View questionnaire consists of 55 closed questions and 2 open questions, which examine basic beliefs and attitudes of the people in the company

Workforce View questionnaire is anonymous and the reports are generated automatically by the system

The received information provides the opportunity for various analyses and correlations which are brought out in the form of a report and recommendations

Estimated time for work is about 20-30 minutes

Observed areas

  • Strategic Activities
  • Corporate Culture
  • Communication
  • Management
  • Training and Development
  • Work Conditions
  • Motivational Factors
  • Remuneration
  • Overall assessment
  • Open Questions

Workforce View Survey Benefits

  • This survey is used for organizational diagnostics and it gives a clear picture of the “bottlenecks” which need to be addressed with specific efforts and measures
  • The results can be used for designing a program for development of specific structures, systems and processes in the company
  • It provides information on employee satisfaction in main areas of the corporate life
  • It outlines tendencies, shared values and attitudes toward accepted norms and rules
  • It improves the ability of the company to react dynamically and adequately in a situation of change
  • It sends a message – that the opinion of the employees in the organization is heard
  • It identifies potential dangers and provides an opportunity for preventive actions from the management
  • It is used in HR audit or as a single tool
  • It helps to improve the company’s adaptability and effectiveness in general

Steps of the process…

  • Conducting the survey is very simple considering its technology
  • A communication strategy is developed to motivate the participants to be active and honest in their responses
  • An invitation for participation is sent
  • A deadline is set to put a time limit for completing the questionnaire
  • A report with analyses and recommendation is made
  • The expected time for completion of the whole process (depending on the size of the structure) is about 1 month
  • Provides a direct means of assessing employee opinions that would otherwise be unreported.

Brand Awareness Survey – inside look

Measure Brand Awareness: Build Brand Power

How smart brands measure awareness, recall, and improve their brand power.
Today, you’ll rarely find a company that’s the only one in its market.
There is a big competition even in the area of talent acquisition.
What can we do to attract talents?
How brand awareness can be used for retention?

The Importance of Brand Awareness

A brand is the meaning behind your company's name, logo, symbols and slogans. Having a unique and memorable brand helps you build brand awareness and create a long-term position in the marketplace. Brand awareness is a measure of how well your brand is known within its target markets.

Although brands and branding are not new ideas, companies are applying them to more diverse settings where the role of branding is becoming increasingly important. Branding is “the process of developing an intended brand identity”.

Employer branding is a relatively new approach toward recruiting and retaining the best possible human talent within a recruiting environment that is becoming increasingly competitive.

It is a targeted, long term strategy to manage the awareness and perceptions of employees, potential employees, and related stakeholders with regards to a particular company. Employer branding has become a top priority for organizations in their quest to win the war for talent. The unprecedented demand for talent accompanied by a shrinking pool poses a challenge for organizations. Good branding attracts prospective candidates' attention and creates a desire to apply to the company.

By creating brand images, employers are struggling to differentiate themselves in both internal and external environment. 'Branding' is a term by itself which gives a taste of innovative and creative possessions. On the same lines, 'Employer Branding' is also very prominent in the Human Resource Management (HRM) field and acts as one of the communication magic tools for acquiring and retaining the talent in this fast changing technological era. The concept of 'employer branding communication' helps the companies to differentiate themselves from the other companies in the field.

Why Is It Important?

An employer’s brand can determine whether an individual considers applying for, accepting, and keeping a job.

A weak employer brand can cost you job applicants: About 11 percent of job seekers said they would decline a job offer from an employer with a bad reputation – even if they were unemployed.

A strong employer reputation can woo passive candidates: 84 percent of survey participants would consider leaving their current company if another company with an excellent reputation offered them a job.

When evaluating employers, there are 3 things that matter most to Millennials 1) growth opportunities, 2) retirement benefits, and 3) work culture.

Captivating company: dimensions of attractiveness in employer branding

’Employer branding’ and specifically ‘employer attractiveness’ is defined as the envisioned benefits that a potential employee sees in working for a specific organization.

'Employer Branding' has been one of the "hottest strategies in employment". It represents a company's efforts to promote, both within and outside the firm, a clear view of what makes it different and desirable as an employer.


Companies with strong employer brands can potentially reduce the cost of employee acquisition, improve employee relations, increase employee retention and even offer lower salaries for comparable staff to firms with weaker employer brands.

Employer branding organizations have found that effective employer branding leads to competitive advantage helps employees internalize company values and assists in employee retention.

An employer brand can be used to help organisations compete effectively in the labour market and drive employee loyalty through effective recruitment, engagement and retention practices. All organisations have an employer brand, regardless of whether they have consciously sought to develop one. Their brand will be based on the way they are perceived as a ‘place to work’, for example by would-be recruits, current employees and those leaving the organisation. To be effective, the brand should not only be evident to candidates at the recruitment stage, but should inform the approach to people management in the organisation.

The aim of employer branding is to become an ‘employer of choice’, a place where people prefer to work. A powerful method of retention is simply to ensure that people feel they are valued.

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